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Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Leading Edge Provide, Inc was founded in 2017. The founder of Leading Edge Provide, Sangho Park , Vice President at Daouincube and developed several business area not EDA but also lithography solutions and made good business success in Korea. Since then he gathered 20 years of EDA business experience while executing various vendors and solutions in Korea and conducting business in Europe, USA, Russia and Korea.

While the team has also grown internally, Leading Edge Provide has a strong focus on networking and collaborating with business partners to maximize expertise and flexibility. By selecting our partners strictly based on quality, business ethics and commitment to clients success, we are able to provide an even broader set of experience to our clients while having the confidence that our partners execute at the highest standard. LeadingEdgeProvide, Inc. keeps very good relationship with all customers in the semiconductor companies in Korea.




HighRI Optics’s ultra-high refractive index materials (CP series) are transparent resins with refractive index values range between 1.77 – 2.05 @ 590 nm with selectable curing method (heat curing or UV curing). CP series can be used as films or patterned by nanoimprint with a range of thicknesses to match customers’ application requirements.

Our aim is to offer our customers fast, flexible and innovative solutions for their semiconductor yield management. Software that can be perfectly integrated within the company's manufacturing structures.

Our company has pioneered the usage of Big Data in the semiconductor industry since 2005 – long before the term was coined. This makes us one of the worldwide technology leading providers of semiconductor yield control software

Running on top of major FPGA tools, InTime delivers better results and enables higher productivity. It is the first commercial application of Machine Learning that enables chip design companies to significantly accelerate product Time-To-Market and reduce development costs.

Blue Pearl Software, Inc. provides products that automate the generation of timing constraints, validate existing timing constraints and check functional design issues at the functional or register transfer level (RTL) of the digital chip design flow. Blue Pearl’s software is used by ASIC and FPGA designers early in the design flow, on high-level functional design descriptions of an integrated circuit (IC), to develop higher quality RTL code and to automatically generate comprehensive and accurate timing constraints that significantly improve quality of results (QoR)

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As competitors merged or otherwise couldn’t keep up with the changing market, StarNet has grown its market share by bringing a steady stream of innovations to the market, starting in 2000 with integrating SSH and most recently with FastX which allows users to access their remote Linux and Unix desktop through standard PC browsers. Recently, FastX became the first remote Linux display solution to offer the display of Linux desktops using a standard browser. Now users can Linux access their Linux environment from any device with a browser, including iPads and smart phones. FastX is also the first-enable solution that is optimized for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ease of use

Despite its continuous evolution and addition of productivity-enhancing features, our products remain extremely simple to operate. Even the most Windows-centric user can easily bring up a remote Unix or Linux desktop and start working with applications on those hosts.

Great support

Our support services have always served as a great competitive advantage. All pre-sale support is free. All purchased licenses come with a full year of free Maintenance which includes all upgrades, phone, email, WebEx and engineering support. All support services are included under StarNet's Maintenance program.


About Us

What We Do

EDA Direct specializes in the sales and support of EDA software products. We have been a leading reseller of EDA products from several companies : Anchorsemi, Semitronix, MunEDA, Onespin and Fractal. Now we are distributing Abeamtechnology, DRYield, Plunify and Blue Pearl software. We operate under distributor agreements covering specific geographic markets with several vendors worldwide. 

Who We Are

EDA Direct was incorporated in 2017. At EDA Direct we constantly seek out the best available products in each category, to provide only best-of-breed solutions. When you buy from Leading Edge Provide, you can rest assured that the solution we suggest will work as intended today and on into the future.

Why You Should consider Leading Edge Provide

Because of our excellent support and ability to supply a wide variety of products from different vendors, we allow customers one-stop shopping. We take the pain and frustration out of searching through the software jungle. With so many products available, it’s quite a challenge to figure out which ones best address your needs. Allowing you to focus on other priorities. We encourage you to call us just to talk! We’ll share our thoughts on your situation and provide specific recommendations. This is at no cost to you. It’s part of who we are and why we’re different. Being a third party supplier we can be more objective to customers needs. Over time we develop excellent customer relationships and are in a position to serve our customers better. Customer service is our religion! We have an unsurpassed, proven ability to understand the issues you face, help you select the right tools, and support you like no other.


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Tel: 82-10-3314-4462

Room 512, 9-15, Olympic-ro 62-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 05378

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